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edición Nº 01

Agosto 2017

En este número:
  • On my mind. Medellín is on the mind of every writer, photographer, traveler and artist who has visited the city and longs to returns to its vibrant streets, parks and museums. In this issue, Nina García, Leila Cobo and Rough Guide's adventures, among others, evoke the magic of this colombian city.
  • After winning two olimpics gold medelas, Mariana Pajón has earned the nickname 'Queen of BMX': She will always be the dearest daughter of Medellín.
  • Fernando Botero´s wager on the beauty of toundness has been an unquestionable victory.
  • The Vienna, Berlin, and London Philharmonics have all been in the hands os a Colombian conductor. Medellín's most important musician is far from reggaeton.

Editorial: Publicaciones Semana S.A.

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